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New Titles!

Warren Firschein's newest novel, The Bean Store, was released in October, 2019, in two parts, titled The Map of Eternity and The Crystal Sea. Together, they tell the story of  an imaginative and quiet ten-year-old boy  named Jules who captures a pint-sized, trash-talking woodland troll in his family's store and is soon led on the adventure of a lifetime. A  perfect read for fans of The Phantom Tollbooth, The Sword in the  Stone, and the movie Time Bandits. Buy it today!    

New Literary Journals!

The latest edition of Odet, an annual literary journal based in Tampa Bay published by Chapter Two Press in  conjunction with Safety Harbor Writers & Poets, was released in March, 2019 and is available for sale in our store.  The submission deadline for Volume IV is now closed and is expected to be released in March, 2020. 

Future Works

Deb Klein's hysterical collection of essays and poems, Down the Laundry Chute, will be published by Chapter Two Press in the first half of 202. Especially recommended for fans of David Sedaris and Nora Ephron!

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