Our books

The Pirate of Janaconda Island, by Warren Firschein

Twelve-year-old  twins Lucy and Paddy Hendricks think they’re in for the worst summer of  their lives when they arrive on Janaconda Island in June of 1949.  There’s nothing to do and the rotted old mansion that will serve as  their family’s home is filthy and littered with junk. But when they  discover the house’s former owner was a notorious pirate who left behind  cryptic clues to the location of stolen gold, they are swept into a  dangerous adventure of discovery that tests the limits of their wits and  courage.   

Out of Synch, by Warren Firschein

Thirteen-year-old  Katie Phillips dreams of reaching the U.S. Synchronized Swimming  National Championships. But her sports-obsessed father wants her to quit  the team to focus on swimming races to earn a college scholarship like  her older brother Nick, a Florida state record holder.
When  Katie's duet partner is seriously injured in a freak accident during practice, her determination to overcome her family's lack of support is  put to the test as her life unravels around her. 

View from the Laundry Shute, by Deb Klein

Author Deb Klein's first collectino of stories and poems, due out in late 2018.

Our Journals

Odet Literary Journal, Vol. 1

In this first volume of an annual literary journal, read a collection of fiction, poetry, and memoir from authors around Tampa Bay touching on the state of Florida. 

Odet Literary Journal, Vol. 2

The second volume of Odet, exapanded to included writers and photographers from across Florida and printed in color.

Odet Literary Journal, Vol. 3

To be released in February, 2019.